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A Major Genealogy Event



12 April 1861, 4:30am.  P.T.G. Beauregard orders the firing on Fort Sumter.  A major historical event, not to mention a major genealogical event.  Great numbers of our families were touched, at least in some way, by the Civil War.  And 150 years ago that happened.  Nothing for anyone in our country would be the same. 

I wanted to have something more pithy to say, but the event literally speaks for itself.  I just ask everyone to take a few moments to reflect upon the event, and try to consider what it means for them. 

Well, that was going to be fun…

I was supposed to gone all last week on a research trip up to Humboldt County, Ca.  Two days before we were going to leave, this became US 101 between here and there.

Well, so much for my research trip (From McKinleyville Press)


Needless to say, I didn’t quite make it.  CA 1 was closed (but was south of this anyway), and the “alternate” root was already half in the creek, and CalTrans was desperately pouring rock trying to save the rest.  Somebody really didn’t want me to go!