Day Late, Dollar Short?

With every passing day, I regret my “waiting” (I wasn’t so much waiting, I just wasn’t exposed to this “Genealogy” thing) as long as I did to start researching.  I have a couple of brick walls that I have found posts on Ancestry or some other site, from people who are writing about some of the very people I am trying to find!  But these are dated 1998, 1999, 2002.  I’ve tracked down some e-mail addresses, but some get bounced, others just go unanswered.


My 2nd Great Grandmother Augusta (Bewig) Harston (Married Clay O Harston), Great Grandmother Gertrude Harston, my Grandmother Gertrude Florance Harston, and what I am guessing are “cousins” of my Grandmother, taken at “Grandma’s house” in St. Louis.  I have a friend in St. Louis that was going to go out the house and take a picture of it form (I have the address).  This part of St. Louis is apparently , not the safest anymore.  😦

If I had “caught the bug” earlier, I could worn my Grandmother out of them.  Now I am just hoping for some luck (and Google Alerts!)

Ah, Happy Monday….

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