Going Through Grandma’s Stuff

After my Grandmother passed 11 years ago, things got pretty hectic.  My cousin was running the ranch, and Grandma’s house was the closest to the barn (hard enough getting up at 3 in the morning to milk cows, much less have to add a drive to it), and his then wife was somewhat of a “patriarch wannabe.”  So before my Mom could get her self ready to “go through Grandma’s house,” said then wife had most stuff moved across the lane into my Uncle’s house and they moved in. 

As one can imagine, this caused, shall we say, “issues.”  With a few exceptions, most of the the items that were moved are still in my Uncle’s house, and we’re aren’t 100% sure the attic (attic in this case meaning space upstairs that nobody ever got around to turning into a room) is empty.  This has been somewhat of a festering sore over the years.


At some point during the previously mentioned time, my oldest Cousin met his current Girlfriend.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  My maternal Grandfather was from Denmark.  She lived in Denmark.  She can read and write Danish.  She found a living relative in Denmark (she’s into Genealogy as well.  Just so you know Smile).  She has even been “pestering” me to get her scans of those pictures my Mom does have.


I say all of this, because I finally made the decision, to make the trek up to Ferndale, and to go through all that “stuff” of my Grandma’s (with my Mom of course), I am going to actually have a face-to-face meeting with this “non-relative” who has made such strides in my Danish linage, and even going to go to the graveyard to see where several generations of my family are (I’m not a “graveyard” kind of person).  While Grandma tended to “purge” things as she got older, I know there is still a load of boxes and such, both in my Uncle’s house and in the attic.  With all the podcast listening and blog reading I do, I hear of all these amazing family history discoveries folks have made.  I just hope I get to be one of them!


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