Missed it by that much.

There had always been talk in my dad’s family, that there had been another sibling besides his brother, possibly a sister, but nobody really knew for sure.  If there had been one they had obviously died while he and his brother were young enough not to remember.  As I have done my research, I’ve always kept that in the back of my head (trying to confirm or deny this persons existence wouldn’t be a trivial task).  One day while I was doing some work on that line, I ran across a WWI draft registration form.  This form had the same name as my Great Grandfather.  The next draft card had not only the same address, but the name of that which I believe to be his brother’s name, living in Wyoming (which we believe he did), both of them working for the railroad (which we know they did), with the correct birth date and location (in so much as we know up to this point), and his dependents being a wife and three children.  Bingo!  Quick trip over to the 1920 Census (the date being 1917, I should find them there) and, yep, there they are.  All four of them.  Sigh.  Whoever it was didn’t make it to 1920.  Missed it by that much.

Well, at least I know it probably isn’t a waste of my time to keep looking.  Maybe a birth or death certificate will show up.  Would be nice to find it while my dad is still here.


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