The Holidays. What have we done?

So Thanksgiving has past, and Christmas is upon us, the holiday that is about thinking of your family, your neighbors, those that are less fortunate, etc.  And how do we introduce this “Christmas Season?”  Black Friday.   Stores opening at Midnight.  People trampling one another at 2am just to get a “good deal” on something they or anyone else don’t really need.  Stores being evacuated because the Sheriff deputies specifically hired to keep the expected crowd under control, aren’t able to control them.  Nothing says goodwill toward man, like a good shopping stampede for a half priced Wii.

One of my fondest memories as a kid was the class Christmas party.  But today, kids can’t have Christmas parties, because some people get a stick up their behind regarding religion and school (I didn’t realize that Rudolph, Santa, and baked goods are religious symbols) and have forced schools to either not have them, get creative and spin it a different way (Alvarado Elementary kindergarten has their “Polar Express Party.”  Not Christmas, but they at least found something).

Not even traditions like “Christmas in the Park” and neighbourhoods that get together and Christmas displays are in danger or gone, due to budget cuts and general apathy.  A great memory of Conner is when he was little all he ever wanted to do was go see the “chrimasights.”  Any would do, but those “overboard” displays were always his favorite.

After all the time I have spent researching family history, I’ve come to appreciate family even more than my over-sentimental self already had.  And I’ve finally gotten to where the “Christmas Spirit” has been beaten out of me.  So for those of you out at 2am on Black Friday, beating up the person in front of you because you want that last Guitar Hero “door buster” at $40; hope it was worth it.

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